CNC and CO2 laser processing

  • 3D CNC processing of polymers and wood composites
  • CNC contour cutting of pre-printed media
  • CNC cutting of sheet material, polymers, etalbond, wood composites
  • CO2 laser cutting and engraving of polymers and wood composites

Advertising racks

We call the floor products racks, which are usually of similar human height. The models we produce are unique combinations of materials, modern design, durability and quality. It often happens that our customers themselves stop at a certain look and look for us to adapt it to their needs. We find solutions for every need.

Advertising products

Promotional products can be a very wide range of ideas. From laser-cut and laser-engraved MDF Christmas balls, through non-standard shaped breadboards, to large-scale kiosks for shopping centers.

Advertising displays

Advertising displays are usually cash register and shelf solutions for the display of a particular product or a new series of products. In this way, they stand out from all the other products that are arranged around them.

Dies and castings

This type of technology is always used when the runs of the desired product are large and justify the investment in tool preparation.

Decor and props

We are proud of our large-scale production of opening and closing props for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Safety equipment

Since 2020 we had to add this category. We produce quality protective screens for the commercial network.

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